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I have extensive experience in 3D having used Maya, Softimage, Z-brush, and Substance Painter for over 10 years. I am proficient in modeling, texturing, surfacing, lighting, animation, and rendering.

TV & Video Production

I have worked on many live action corporate videos, product videos, web videos and TV commercials. I have experience in camera operation, lighting, directing as well as 3D, green screen, supers, motion graphics and specialty rigs.

Video Editing

From editing to the beat on music to incorporating technical motion graphics, I produce exciting videos and love to tell stories. I am fluent in Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects.


Particle, cloth, and fluid simulations are just some of the many effects I can generate to bring complex shots into reality.


I love compositing. It's incredibly rewarding to bring many elements of hard work together to form a final image. I'm fluent in node based Nuke and layer based After Effects. Come to me with all your complex live action and 3D compositing needs: rotoscoping, green screen, tracking, match moving, color correction, 3D and FX integration.


I have over 3 years experience creating custom VR and Mixed reality experiences using Unreal Engine and the Vive headset. I have also designed and fabricated custom VR hardware for mixed reality.


I have successfully lead small and large teams to media glory. I break down large projects into smaller manageable goals, empower the team I’m overseeing, and work collaboratively with them so to let each person bring their best to the project.

Still Photography / Product Shoots

Whether its to supplement a video project or highlight a new product, I can provide high quality photos.

Motion Graphics

I'm an After Effects guru and can create visually engaging graphics to take any project to the next level.

Sound Design

I have a knack at picking just the right music and nothing gives me more joy than mixing in sound effects to enhance a video. I'm also adept at picking and mixing VO selects.

Concept / Story Development

Story is the foundation that every video requires. Whether it's in the script, storyboard, or editing phase, I strive to make sure every piece has a beginning, middle, and ending.

Product Design

I have real world experience in fabrication, construction, 3D scanning, and 3D printing techniques. I use this knowledge to come up with innovative solutions to design challenges. Check out my

Here’s just a few of the brands I’ve worked with.