Hot Air Balloon

Climb aboard my latest VR project!  Created from a real hot air balloon, this virtual reality simulation will let you experience flying a hot air balloon while being suspended only six inches above the ground. You can reach out and touch the actual balloon around you as you see it in the game. The flight systems aboard have been retrofitted to allow control of the game via the actual burner controls. Reach up and pull the toggle to activate the burners to fill your balloon with hot air. Look up and you will see the in-game burners fire up, and feel real heat on your face and hands. Once the burners are activated for long enough, you will rise off the ground not only in game but also in real life! By controlling the burners, you can control how high you go in the game and the sights you see. You will feel the wind in your face as you proceed along your balloon route. Your mind and senses are seamlessly tricked by the sway of the basket with your movements. This simulation is the perfect way to give hot air ballooning a try- an experience that hot air balloon enthusiasts have called ‘almost better than the real thing.’

I had a major hand in the entire build from the initial concept, to the final delivery. I over saw the entire build and managed the fabrication and 3D departments. I designed all mechanical aspects of the unit and fabricated many critical parts.

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